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Troubleshooting Commercial Range Issues

The fast pace of a commercial kitchen in the middle of a service can be challenging, especially when something isn't going as expected. If you're struggling with your range top, you may not have time to wait for the technician to arrive. If you've got plates to get out to the floor, you should do some troubleshooting yourself. Here are a few tips to help.

Does The Burner Have Gas?

If there's a burner that's not getting gas supply, it's time to check the gas supply components. Look at the regulator on the supply line. There should be an arrow visible on the regulator. If so, that means the supply line is fine.  The next place to look is the safety valve. Tap the valve a couple of times to see if it might be stuck closed. The tap may be enough to open it back up and restore flow. If that works, call a technician to replace the valve. If it doesn't, adjust the thermostat that's behind the knob. If the burner still doesn't engage, you may need a technician to do further assessments.

Is The Gas Valve Malfunctioning?

If the gas valve isn't working properly, it needs to be replaced. You'll have to shut off the gas to do this, so plan the repair accordingly. Once the gas is off, pull the burner plate so you can get to the valve. Disconnect the line from the valve then unscrew the valve from the mounting point. Use thread sealer on the new valve before you put it in place, then install it in the reverse order as you removed the old one. Tighten the valve just until it stops turning. Don't turn it further or you might strip it.

Is The Burner Head Clogged?

The burner head itself is where the flame comes out on the burner. It's usually fitted with a small opening, which means it's vulnerable to clogs from debris. If you're seeing any spots where the flame isn't coming through, the port may be clogged on the head. You'll have to replace the burner head if this is the case. Cleaning it could alter the flame pattern, so it's safer to just install a new one. Remove the burner head by unscrewing the two small screws. Pull the burner head out and remove the gasket, too. Put a new gasket in place, then screw the new burner head in place.

Sometimes the problems with your commercial stove are quick and easy to fix. Keep some spare parts on hand just in case so you can get it back up and running and save your service schedule.

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