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Kids All Like Different Pizza Toppings? 2 Tips For Tackling Pizza Night To Make Everyone Happy

If you have a house full of children, then you likely look forward to that night when you order pizza delivery just as much as they do. They get to eat one of their favorite foods while you get a night off from preparing dinner and washing the pots and pans you cook it in. However, that excited look on their faces when you remind them that it is pizza and movie night may quickly turn into angry looks as they begin bickering about which toppings they each want on the pizzas. Can you really please them all? You can, when you follow these tips. 

1. Ask for Toppings on the Side

While you can order a half-and-half pizza for those older children who can each eat half a pizza each, you may have a younger child who only eats a slice or two, but still wants their favorite topping on those one or two slices that none of the other children like. While most pizza shops don't offer the option of having a specific topping placed on each slice of a pizza (they get very busy and that would be very time-consuming for the staff), most will be happy to provide a small portion of that special topping on the side for the little one.

However, steer your child toward the vegetable topping options instead of the meat-based ones when choosing their special topping; raw meat toppings must be cooked to a safe temperature before serving, and the shop may not have a sure-fire way to make sure that meat is cooked properly when it is not cooked on top of a pizza. 

2. Let Each Child Design a Pizza Half & Save Their Extra for Quick & Easy Lunches

The easiest way to make sure that each child is satisfied on pizza night is to allow each to design one-half of a pizza as they please. Of course, if you have small children or like to order the largest pizza sizes available since they typically give you the most pizza bang for your buck, then your child may not even come close to eating an entire pizza half for dinner. 

However, remember that pizza tastes great cold, and that extra pizza can be packed in school lunches safely. While plain cheese pizza made with only mozzarella cheese can typically remain safely at room temperature from morning until lunchtime along with vegetable toppings, it never hurts to place an ice pack into your child's lunch box to keep the pizza chilled and safe until lunch time. Of course, you want to be extra cautious with pizza with meat toppings and be sure to always include an ice pack when packing pizza with meat toppings.

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Improving Our Family Menu

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