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4 International Pizza Crust Alternatives Found At Local Restaurants

When you think of pizza, the traditional crust is typically one of the essentials. If you're looking to infuse new flavors and tastes in your pizza, then you can actually replace the foundation of the pie. Many pizza restaurants and bars offer different types of pizza crusts that are made and eaten all over the world. By ordering and trying out one of the following four alternative pizza crusts, you can expand your palette and enjoy all types of new flavors.


Commonly referred to as an Irish pizza, traditional pizza crust is replaced with thick potato slices in this unique pie. The potato slices may be mashed up a little bit and formed together to make a solid base. This type of crust is typically topped with sour cream, sauce, cheese, and bacon bits. It's basically like eating a baked potato in the form of a pizza.


The white cauliflower was originally discovered in Spain and has found many uses in the kitchen. A lot of pizza restaurants have started mashing up cauliflower and transforming it into a delicious pizza crust. The edges of this crust can get nice and crispy while the inside has a soft and gooey texture. This type of crust is great with all types of toppings, but it works especially well with a traditional red sauce and cheese topping.

Tortilla Chips

If you're in the mood for some Mexican food, then you can visit a local restaurant and order a Mexican pizza with a tortilla shell base. Large circular tortilla shells help create a crispy base to a pizza topped with seasoned ground beef, diced tomatoes, taco sauce, and lots of cheese. Sometimes, the pizza is made with multiple layers of the tortilla chips, adding extra crunch and texture to every bite.


Eggplant has been used and cultivated all of the world, including regions in both Asia and Italy. The large size and unique shape of the eggplant makes it an ideal choice for a stable and healthy pizza crust. To create this crust, the eggplant is often sliced vertically down the middle. Each side is then stuffed with sauce, cheese and other toppings. The result is very similar to a French Bread pizza and is full of flavors. This type of crust replacement is great for topping with a variety of other vegetables like peppers and mushrooms.

Browse through local pizza menus to see the different crust alternatives that they offer to customers. Keep these great ideas in mind next time you visit a restaurant like 316 Oyster Bar & Seafood Grill.

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